DVD Day: November 10th, 2009


GI Joe Collectors.jpg

?G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero: Complete Collector’s Set

There’s a lot of great stuff that’s being released this week, but without a doubt the best of the best is this 17-disc collector’s set that includes all 95 episodes of the 1980s G.I. Joe cartoon along with the complete “Knowing Is Half the Battle” PSAs, featurettes, a collectible book, a flash drive that comes pre-loaded with two Joe comics, temporary tattoos that will give you the sexually ambivalent good looks of Gung Ho, and much more. This one sells for a mere $145.99, so if you ever wondered how much awesomeness costs, there you have it.

? Up

The Pixar epic that made us all realize that, holy crap, Ed Asner is still alive comes to DVD in a variety of special editions that include a single disc release, a two-disc deluxe edition and something called a “4 Disc Combo Pack with Digital Copy and DVD [Blu-ray]” that seems so complex that it must be some sort of subtle joke that Disney is inflicting on consumers. Moving on…

? The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Second Season

The second season of this kids-oriented Doctor Who spin-off has former companion Sarah Jane Smith encountering the Sontarans and reuniting with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. If you don’t know or care who he is, then you are obilivious to how cool this reunion was and are missing out on quality sci-fi fun. Shame on you.

? Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut

So you already bought Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic and Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter? Well, if you want to see this — featuring Black Freighter edited into the main narrative —  you’re going to have to buy them again. Creative marketing or just fleecing the hardcore fans? You decide.

? Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Vol. 2

Includes the episodes “Day of the Dark Knight,” “Enter the Outsiders,” “Dawn of the Dead Man” and “Fall of the Blue Beetle.” This should hold you over until the complete season set is eventually released.

? Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days

It was 40 years ago today that Sesame Street made its debut. To celebrate this milestone you can pick up this two-disc retrospective that doesn’t seem as cool as the Old School releases from a few years back but is doubtlessly worth the purchase anyway. Does anyone know how much, if any, Roosevelt Franklin content is on here? I love that purple little dude.

? Justice League: The Complete Series

Those aforementioned Pam Grier episodes are on here, along with other superheroic installments.

? Dragon Ball: Season Two

The tagline for this box set is “the search for the seven magic balls continues.” This probably shouldn’t make you giggle like Beavis and or Butthead. But if it does, I’m right there with you.

? Robsessed

This has nothing to do with the good Mr. Bricken, but is rather a DVD that attempts to delve deep into the mysterious life of Twilight superstar/complicated hunk Robert Pattinson. I am only pointing this out as a public service to make you aware that it exists and to confirm that the world is in fact a vampire. ? C.C.