Japan’s Revoltech Licenses Everything

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?Okay, maybe not everything. But the Japanese action figure company — and I do mean articulated action figures, not those PVCs the Japanese collectible makers usually specialize in — has revealed a shit-ton of new licenses. And I’m not talking about Japanese stuff (although they got a crop of giant monsters, including Gamera and Daimajin) — I’m talking:

? Alien (shown above)
? Nightmare Before Christmas
? Jurassic Park
? Starship Troopers (the book, not the movie, alas)
? Batman Begins

…all of which you can see over at Tokyo Hunter, although the rest of them are unpainted prototypes. Since Revoltech has a ton of anime licenses of both characters and mecha, including Transformers, Macross and Evangelion, they’re doing pretty goddamn well for themselves. It might be time to just start announcing the toy licenses they don’t have.