Left 8(-Bit) Dead

Do you want to play Left 4 Dead without the pesky fun, graphics and excitement? Then you’d best be on the look-out for this fan-made, 8-bit, NES-style Left 4 Dead game, supposedly coming available on PC in early January. I don’t want to knock the guy for his work — if this is his dream, then go for it — but the thing Left 4 Dead has most going for it is the pure number of zombies that are attacking at any given time. Here, only a couple of zombies are even on screen at the same time in this version, and, well, it’s boring. Look, 8-bit doesn’t need to mean “easy” — Contra and Ghosts n’ Goblins are clear examples of that. This looks like a game you’d find at the dentist’s waiting room, except you’re shooting a gun at zombies instead of toothpaste and cavities. (Via GorillaMask)