MC Sagan Puts the Cosmos in Its Place

Symphonies of Science has released its third Sagan-tastic autotuned music video, titled “Our Place in the Cosmos.” It contains sound clips from (according to Geeks Are Sexy):

? Carl Sagan’s Cosmos
? Richard Dawkins’
Genius of Charles Darwin series
? Dawkins’ TED Talk
? Stephen Hawking’s
Universe series
? Michio Kaku’s interview on physics and aliens

I think this might be my favorite one yet. I’m generally a pretty pessimistic guy, but these videos just make me feel so damn good about the human race and the universe in general thanks to the personality, power, and dope rhymes of Carl Sagan. Luckily, this feeling only lasts until I have to post Fan Fiction Friday and I begin wishing for the end of humanity and existence once again.