Mr. T Continues to Punish the Just and Unjust Alike in World of Warcraft

Sorry, this is exactly the same news that I reported last week — Blizzard has filled its servers with Mr. T-inspired Night Elf Mohawks, who carry Night Elf Mohawk grenades, which players can use to give other players Mr. T’s haircut against their will. This is simply a new commercial. However, I am fascinated with this insanity, and not just because Mr. T involved (mostly, but not entirely). I also love the idea that Mr. T had his head scanned in order to inflict his divine punishment on WoW players. I especially look the scowl/grimace/slight look of embarrassment on T’s face when he’s getting scanned. It’s all just grand. I’ll try not to mention this again, but if there’s another Mr. T commercial, I can make no promises. (Via Kotaku)