Skywalking, a Tender Star Wars Love Ballad

Supposedly this is master musician Laurence B. Rayne’s rejected love song that was supposed to be attached to Empire Strikes Back. There’s something about it — I can’t place my finger on just what — that makes me think it just might be fake. However, it might be that ol’ Lucas, knowing that Luke and Leia would end up to be brother and sister in ROTJ but unable to tell anyone, vetoed the song knowing how weird it would later be to see Luke and Leia during such a romantic interlude. Although that still doesn’t explain why he let Leia slip Luke a royal tongue on Hoth.

Regardless, this song blows my mind with its awesomeness. And I declare that “Skywalking” is now the Official Topless Robot Euphemism for “fucking.” Please make note of this for all future comments. Much thanks to Mike S. for the tip.