Smallville’s Got 99 Problems But Dr. Fate Ain’t One


?Entertainment Weekly released some new pics of some of the JSA members scheduled to appear on the Smallville “movie event” due in January, and since it includes the first good look at Dr. Fate and the first look period at Stargirl, well, here it is. I have to admit, Dr. Fate looks sharp. Stargirl looks like she bought her costume at one of those seasonal Halloween stores, especially next to Dr. Fate’s get up. Again, though, this shot seems to lend credence to the theory that the JSA members are supposed to look more traditionally superhero-y than Smallville‘s normal take; I’ll try to refrain being a bitch about it until I can judge how well it does or doesn’t work in action.


?Oh, and here’s a shot of Michael Shanks as Hawkman, which I’ve included because it does make Hawkman’s costume look much better than the mid-flight pose I posted earlier. Knowing that the other JSA members look almost as goofy as he does helps him considerably, I think.