Super Snuggie Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Edition

Yes. It’s an official, licensed, Street Fighter Snuggie — as in those horrible blankets with sleeves that have become so popular among people who want to be warm and have no dignity whatsoever. How Street Fighter fandom crosses over with Snuggie ownership, I have no idea; for instance, Ms. Robot owns a Slanket (which she claims is a higher quality product than a Snuggie, although it’s still just a goddamn sheet with sleeves) because she hates me and wants to make me unhappy, but she — like most Slanket/Snuggie owners, I’m guessing — has little to no interest in Street Fighter games. At least with its horrifying SF4 print, this Snuggie is tremendously ugly, and if someone is messed up enough to wear it willingly, it serves as even greater warning sign that its owner should be avoided at all costs. (Via Kotaku)