The Dark Tower Reopening for Business


Stephen King has announced he’s going to write another Dark Tower book. He then immediately taunted everyone by saying he won’t be starting it for eight months. Still, for Dark Tower fans, I suppose that’s good enough. From Horror Yearbook:

The S.K. message board followed up his announcement with the
following details: “Stephen has given me permission to pass along that
he has an idea for a new Dark Tower book, the working title of which will be The Wind Through The Keyhole.
He has not yet started this book and anticipates that it will be a
minimum of eight months before he is able to begin writing it.”

And Zach Dionne at GQ added: “King stated he will write another Dark Tower
novel. It will center around supporting characters and revolve around
some important events between Wizard and Glass and Wolves of the Calla.”

Thanks to MyNoNos for the tip.