Twice the Turtles, Twice the Nostalgia

People were disappointed when Kirk met Picard. Fanboys bitched when Jay and Silent Bob struck back. So when the 1980s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet their contemporary counterparts, will anyone be pleased? If the trailer for Turtles Forever is anything to judge by, this is the cartoon fans have been waiting for. Originally supposed to make its theatrical debut as a one-night Fathom Event that was scrapped due to legal wranglings, the film will now premiere on the CW4Kids Network on Saturday, November 21st before hitting DVD. From the looks of things, it will involve a lot of fan-wanking and action…so it’s exactly what you want to see. Between the recent purchasing of the characters by Nickelodeon and this cartoon, the 25th anniversary of the Turtles is set to bring the TMNT a whole new audience. One that will eventually learn of this and have their innocence shattered. ? C.C.