Watch a Chapter of Halo: Legends So I Don’t Have to (Please?)

My pals at AnimeVice found one of the chapter of the Halo anime anthology Legends up on YouTube, and I knew I had to share; it’s the “Babysitter” chapter we saw a preview of earlier. I also knew I should probably watch it first, but I’m really busy trying to get ready to go home to take care of Pops Robot (knee surgery) and having just come back from a trip to NY. Plus… I kind of don’t want to. I’ve just been so jaded by Batman: Gotham Knight, the Animatrix, that horrible Highlander anime and whatever other American properties given over to Japanese animators that I’m forgetting that I just… I just don’t have the strength to sit through all 20 minutes (AnimeVice has the second half, too). Hey, maybe it’s awesome. If so, please let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll watch it over lunch. If not, at least you’ll have the privilege of saving me some time, right? Thanks, guys!