You Gotta Believe!


?FUCK AND YES. PARAPPA THE RAPPER IS COMING BACK. Well, at least according to the new issue of Game Informer (according to Playstation LifeStyle). I really don’t have the words to tell you how delighted I am by this, as I love all the PaRappa games.

However, this alone won’t get me to buy a PS3. You know what would, Sony? An Um Jammer Lammy sequel — yes, the guitar-based sister game to PaRappa — using a Rock Band or a Guitar Hero guitar peripheral. Hell, bring back Katy Kat and Maa-san and let’s get the whole band back together. The music for Um Jammer actually blew PaRappa away; “Got to Move” has been on about 77% of all the mix CDs I’ve ever made. You know, perhaps I’m not being clear: I would murder every single one of you in your sleep if it meant getting a new Um Jammer Lammy game. And I’d buy a PS3, too.