A Small Sliver of Holiday Joy via Deadpool

I apologize for the last two posts on TR. I know I was only doing my job, but having to watch the TMNT sing a horrible rasta-version of “Deck the Halls” followed by a Christmas-themed Tiny Toons FFF… well, that’s too much for anyone to have to bear. I can’t turn back time, but I can give you one piece of good news:


?Diamond Select is making the above Deadpool figure, meaning all you who can’t find either of the Marvel Legends versions will finally have a chance to own an articulated, 6-inch merc with a mouth. He’s sculpted by Art Asylum, part of the reason he looks so good, will apparently with quite the arsenal, and will of course have an unmasked variant. I hope that this will allow some of you to take the razor blades away from your wrists and the broken gin bottles away from your throats. (Via Marvelous News)