Avatar: The Official Music Video

I know I ran Leona Lewis’ “I Will See You” theme song to Avatar previously, but the official video just came out, and HOLY SHIT DOES IT MAKE ME NOT WANT TO SEE AVATAR. There’s even some new footage from the movie in the movie that seems like it could potentially be cool but all I can feel is hate and disgust while Lewis’ heart goes on and on and fucking on in the background. Ugh.

Man, if Avatar has made one misstep, just one, it has to be this, right? As much as James Cameron thinks he’s made another mass audience masterpiece like Titanic, Avatar is totally a weird sci-fi film. It’s going to be watched primarily by nerds, and not the millions of women, girls and moms who saw Titanic. This song will not trick them into seeing Avatar, and it will only serve to foster ill will in the nerds who are the movie’s true audience. Because I will gladly pay someone the $10 ticket price if I never have to hear this song ever again.