Biff Tannen Could Teach James Cameron a Thing or Two

So a few days ago James Cameron was caught telling a dude who was almost certainly an semi-pro autograph seeker and one of TMZ’s soulless video providers to fuck off. Did Cameron know the hack was a hack, and that’s why he told him to fuck off? We don’t know. Did the hack actually pleasantly ask Cameron for an autograph only to receive that brusque reply? Still don’t know. Was the tape edited so the hack looked like an innocent fan and Cameron appeared to be a ginormous douche? Yeah, probably, but we don’t know for sure.

The point is that even if Cameron was provoked in the non-seen footage, he doesn’t gain anything by being rude to somebody when a video is rolling, no matter what. The tape gets around (I was part of the problem, unfortunately) and he looks like an asshole, period. So what can James Cameron do to avoid this in the future? Believe or not, Back to the Future‘ s Tom Wilson — a.k.a. Biff Tannen — has the answer:

Make up a happy song regarding all the stupid shit your fans ask you and ask you to do. You might still be telling them to fuck off, but if you’re playing a jaunty tune on your six-string, there’s no amount of editing TMZ can do to make you look bad.

Also, Michael J. Fox is an alien. Who knew? (Via Gamma Squad)