Busting the Myth of the Gorn Cannon

Here’s some Star Trek-related information that won’t make you feel filthy: on Monday, December 28th, the long-running Mythbusters series will examine how realistic Captain Kirk’s weapon-building skills in the classic episode “Arena” truly are. Apparently, Jamie, Adam and the gang have busted all of the world’s real myths, thus the reasoning behind the creation of this episode. Not that it isn’t an amazing idea. If Kirk’s bamboo, diamond and gunpowder cannon proves to be scientifically sound, I suspect that nerds everywhere will be building said devices to get vengeance against those who have wronged them. Does the Discovery Channel know what they are getting themselves into here? As the above trailer shows, the episode will be chock-a-block full of re-enactments of key “Arena” scenes — proving yet again that one can never have enough Gorn in his or her life. (Via Sci Fi Wire)