DVD Day: December 1st, 2009


?? Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vol. XVI
I know I normally pimp the hell out of any and all MST releases, but this set has a collectible Tom Servo figure, meaning that if you were lucky enough to get Crow with the 20th Anniversary Set, you finally have a chance to own what will likely be the only MST3K figures that’ll ever be (I’m hoping for a Gypsy and Cambot, but I’m not holding my breath). The movies in the set are likewise fantastic: the Joel-era classic Warrior of the Lost World,the season 1 ep The Corpse Vanishes (seriously, Shout Factory, enough of those), the legendary Santa Claus in which Santa Claus battles the devil, mostly in Mexico City, and Night of the Blood Beast, my personal favorite MST episode of all time. I can’t recommend this set enough, although I am admittedly a hardcore MST maniac. So sue me.

? Terminator Salvation
So the theatrical cut is on DVD — in widescreen, linked, and fullscreen, which I didn’t think people did any more.  But if you want to watch the director’s cut with about half a second of Moon Bloodgood’s nearly impossible to see breasts, you have to buy the Blu-ray — the director’s cut isn’t available on DVD. Way to screw non-Blu-ray owning Terminator fans, Warner Bros.

? Ben 10 Alien Swarm
I don’t care about Ben 10, but if there had been a cartoon when I was a kid that they suddenly made a live-action show of, it would have blown my mind. Just sayin’.

? Gremlins
On Blu-ray. Enh. Call me when Gremlins 2: The New Batch shows up.

? Harry Potter: Wizarding World Game
This is a DVD game, and other than that, I know nothing about it. Is it at all related to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park? Is it even mildly enjoyable? I don’t have the faintest clue.