Fox to Produce, Immediately Cancel Werewolf Show


?From Variety:

Never mind vampires — the Fox network is looking to get back into the
werewolf business, developing “Howl,” from DreamWorks TV.

Project is
being written by Joshua Miller and M.A. Fortin. DreamWorks TV toppers
Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank would exec produce.

“Howl” is described as an epic family saga about warring families of werewolves in a small Alaskan town.

“Alaska is a place where people disappear and now you know why,” Miller said.

script reflects the changes that are going on in the country, and
“metamorphosis and constant change is the basis of werewolf mythology,”
he added. “Howl” is about “the psychology of living with change.”

Two ways this is gonna go. Either it’s going to be a Twilight rip-off with tons of shirtless men walking around sullenly and growling at each other, or it’s going to be good and creepy and action-packed. If the latter, if will be canceled after three episodes. If the former, it will last for five seasons. Sigh. The terrifying art of Twilight‘s menacing werewolves is by Sparrowspaz.