Hasbro Knows How to Get to Sesame Street


?Hasbro got the Sesame Street license. How this happened in 2009 and not say, 1977, is beyond me. You can read the press release over at ToyNewsI, but really, there’s no concrete plans or anything, other than there will be Sesame Street Playskool toys and plenty of SS-branded Hasbro games (of course). I immediately assumed that Hasbro would be making action figures, but then I realized that is by no means a sure thing. Even if they do make figures, they almost certainly won’t be the collector-friendly toys that Palisades had planned when they had the license (and whose Super Grover is shown up above). Hasbro has gotten very collector friendly in recent years, but I don’t know if there’s enough demand for grown-up Sesame Street figures for them to bother — although I’d certainly be buying some. What about you guys?