Hit-Girl Has a Potty Mouth

Hey, I’m back.
1) I’d like to thank Chris for taking care o’ business while I was on vacation. It was much appreciated.
2) I still haven’t seen Avatar. Sorry about that.
3) I still haven’t judged the TR contest either, but I will get to that tomorrow for sure.
4) This video is an R-rated preview for Kick-Ass, based on Hit-Girl.
5) Goddamn is it awesome.
6) I actually think Nic Cage is going to turn in one of his good performances here, and I’ll tell you why.
7) He looks goofy.
8) I mean, Nic Cage always looks goofy. But when he accepts that and allows himself to look shlubbier in a movie than he does in real life, I think he ends up doing a great job. For instance, Raising Arizona and Adaptation.
9) When he pretends he’s a regular leading man or, god forbid, attractive, he either ends up terrible or insane.
10) I’d say his old man haircut and creepy mustache put him squarely on the side of “goofy.”
11) I don’t know why I’m numbering all this.
12) Did I mention that this clip is incredibly awesome?