Mega Man 10 Is Not Mega Man X, Thank You Very Much


?Nintendo Power just announced a new Mega Man game on its cover. As with Mega Man 9, it’s an 8-bit WiiWare game, due… uh… sometime in 2010, I guess? apparently you can also play as Proto Man, and maybe there are some other details over at The Mega Man Network, but I don’t really care about the particulars. I just wanted to sya how awesome it is that Capcom is making 8-bit games in 2010 in general, and 8-bit NES-style Mega Man games in specific. And I really want to say how much I love that Capcom is hiring people to make terrible fucking Mega Man art for non-existent NES game cartridges, because that’s the coolest thing ever. Seriously, this whole post is just my excuse to run that image above. It’s fantastic.

You know what’s weird? I haven’t hated anything I posted on today — and assuming I post what I think I’m going to post later, I won’t. It’ll be a non-hate, non-bitchy day at TR, possibly for the first time ever. Unless you count FFF. Wacky.