Reminder: Time Ends on Saturday

Yep, time sure does end on January 2nd. It’s weird, since you’d think the end of time would occur perhaps last today, on the 31st. But nope, time ends on Saturday. Actually, time ends a little sooner in England, at tomorrow evening. Wacky.

I suspect the only people who 1) know what I’m talking about and 2) aren’t totally annoyed are the Who-ligans. Obviously, it’s The End of Time only for the David Tennant incarnation of the Doctor, as the second Doctor Who finale special airs on BBC America at 8:30 pm on Saturday (and at 6:40 tomorrow on BBC Britian (or, as it’s often abbreviated, just “BBC”). Looks like it’s going to be pretty crazy, if the above trailer can be believed — I don’t know why Prince Barin from Flash Gordon is talking to the Imperial Senate from Star Wars, but that shit is wack, yo!