Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Gundam Tree

Because is there anything that better represents Christmas than a tree made out of sparkling lights and several expensive anime action figures? No, of course not. This tree is currently on display in Tokyo’s nerd mecca Akihabara, stands 16-feet tall, and includes over 60 Gundam models. Somewhere, Charlie Brown is weeping.

Actually, Japan’s real present might be that Bandai is trotting that 60-foot Gundam statue back out. He’ll be re-erected in Shizuoka City next July, and then move somewhere else. I’m genuinely glad Bandai is doing this; it’d be a shame to let something that cool just sit in a Japanese warehouse somewhere. And if it’s not going to be invading China or the USA or something, it might as well stand around Japan looking awesome. Thanks to Albo for the tip. (Via Kotaku and Anime News Network)