Toynami Finally Answers Joker’s Question


?Where does Batman get those wonderful toys? From Toynami, nowadays, as the toy and collectible company has got the rights to 1992’s Batman Returns (I understand the Joker wasn’t in that one, but I needed his line for the article title. Shut up). They’re making Batman’s actual cowl and his grapple gun from the movie; both these are limited to 500, and the cowl appears to be $475, while the grapple gun is $375, at least over at Big Bad Toy Store.


?I have to admit I find these awesome. I was 12 when Tim Burton’s Batman
came out, so basically it was the perfect movie at the perfect time in
my life. I love The Dark Knight, but when I think of movie Batman, my
first thought is of Michael Keaton. Given how Batman was seriously the biggest movie of all time (so it seemed in ’89), I feel reasonably confident there are plenty of Roboteers who feel the same way I do and secretly or not so secretly want these. (Via ToyNewsI)