Fan Fiction Friday: Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey in “Day of reckoning”


?Hoo boy. Normally, I run one of two types or adult fan fics on Topless Robot — those with hideously disturbing content, and those with hideously disturbing grammar. Last week, despite Superman getting anally violated with a 2.5-foot kryptonite dildo, the story landed firmly in the “disturbing grammar” camp, in my opinion. Normally, this would be my cue to run some kind of horrible pedobeastiality Care Bears fic today. Alas, that will have to run next week, because I’ve found a story — a very special story — whose content is magnificently awful in both ways. Seriously, people, this is like nanaporbes and the Pok?mon story all in one — it is not for the faint of heart.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ComicsNix’s “Day of reckoning: The Final Days of Jean and Logan.”

Jean Grey was cheating Scott Summers. It’s been a long time since she
sleept the first time with Loga. She got scared the first time but, as
the time went on, the fear of being discovered disappeared. Now she’s
almost telling Scott what she’s been doing for the past two years.
“Scott, I have something to tell you.” said Jean visibly distraught.
“What is it Jean?”
“It’s that.,..” Jean knew if she tell the truth, everything from
this day on would be different. This scared her musch, but she wanted
to live a happy life with Logan fro now on.
“What is worring you Jean?”
“Scott, you know we’ve been through many things toghter…”
“And youhave been such a good husband to me all of this time.”
“Jean, what are you talking abou?” Scoot asked nervosly to Jean

I can’t even imagine how much more awesome the X-Men comics would be if Cyclops’ name was Scoot Summers.

“But now, I think this isn’t going anywhere anymore Scott…”
“I dont’ love you anymore Scott, I love Logan, and I’m going to
Paris with him!” cried Jean with so much pain in her hearth she
perspired and loathed herself for what she was doing.
“No Jean, don’t say that, I love you!!!”
“It’s over Scott, goddbye…”
Jean picked her purse, mounted on Logan’s motorcycle and they went
to the ariport. Scott got really sad, but got angry, so angry he
clutched his hands with so much rage it started to bleed. He dont know
what to do now. But it isn’t going to end like thi, he wil get his

Yes he wil. After the jump.

Three months have passed last time Jean talked to Scott, she is happy
with Loga at Paris. She never been happier her entire life with a man.
The two are at the hotel room, in front of the Eiffel Tower. The
landscape is gourgeous and and the streets are beatiful. The Arch of
Trumph is magnificent too. The birds all fly over it in a dance of
passion and lust.

Those are some weird-ass birds.

“Jean, I love you mon amour”

“Oh mon h?ros!!!!” she huged Wolverine so firmly and
affectionately. Logan returned the affected hug with so much love he
started to kiss Jean passionately. His lips were full of love and joy.
The bruteness of that man was so manly and at the same time so tender.
He started to move his hands all over Jean body, starting with hair.
Suck a soft and redful hair, it is like a cotton field full of love and
desire. Them, he reached her back, that was soft too and full of
comfort. That back suffered so much pain from the villain, but now he
would never let that happen again. He loves her so much.

There is absolutely nothing I can say that will make “Suck a soft and redful hair, it is like a cotton field full of love and
desire.” even slightly more ridiculous.

Them, he reached her nipples. They were full, pointing upwards and
were very comfortable. Logan put his face there, and stroked her gently
with his cheeks full of beard.

Jean’s nipples make a good living, but they aren’t rich. You know, they’re comfortable.

“Oh Logan, you beard hurts me a little, but I like it”

“Jean, you are so beatiful”

Jean was moving her hands too all over Logan strong body. He was
full of hair, and was so virile. His veins were pulsating a lot of
blood and lust. She knew what he wanted. Her hands started to move to
his manly organ. She felt it, so erect, pulsating life and love.


“Oh mister Wolverine. You ‘claw’ is so strong! It’s made from adamantium?”


“No cerise, it’s pure pansy!”


She rubbed his big man beast with so much lust. Logan liked it. He stated to moan and moan like a pussy cat

what in god’s name is going on

“Do you like amore mio?”

“Yes Jean, you are wonderful”

They put of their clothes and started to make it out. Logan put his raging beast inside her engorging petals.

When using the phrase “engorging petals” in lieu of “vagina” is the most sensible thing you’ve written so far, you know something is extremely fucked up.

“Oh, it’s painful! Stop Logan!”

“What is it Jean?”

“I never told you, but, I’m virgin…”

“Virgin? How? An Scott?”

It’s like Babelfish decided to write its own erotic fan fiction.

“When we were going to the bed, every time he started to unclothe
himself to make out with me, I created an illusion, so he never knew it
I was never there.”

Well, that’s not weird at all. Although the idea of Cyclops mistakenly dry-humping the bed while Jean reads in a corner is pretty outstanding.

“So you preserved your viginity to me?”

“Yes Logan”

“Oh my love!!!”

Logan put his manly member slowly inside of Jean’s flower. He went
on very slowly and amorous, preventing the pain to reach Jean’s body.
The blood started to flow from her very sex, reaching the white sheets
covering the bed. It all started to turn red, like the immense love
they had bteween themselvexs.

You may purchase one of several “Our Love Is Like a Bedsheet Coated in Vaginal Blood” cards at your local Hallmark store.

So the moment arrived. Logan and Jean reached theirs climaxes and they
both cummed in joy and passion. Their hearts were on fire, their minds
reached the nirvana of pleasure and joyness. The happieness was total,
absolute. That was the most unique moment in their lives. Everything
went to dissolve and only the two were living on this beautiful world.

The couple was very happy, but what they didn’t knew was tht Scott
was observing. Yes, all of the time, he was looking thru the window,
watching every movement tLogan and Jean were doing, all of their
affection, the love, penetration moment, everything. He coudln’t keep
that to himself anymore.

And, on the list of the Greatest Band Names Suggested by Fan Fics, we add: Penetration Moment

When Logan and Jean started to dress themselves up, Scott kicked
the dorr and shoot both Wolverine’s arms and legs, his torso and his

“AAAAAARRGH!!!!!” screamed Logan with the fury in his hearth.


“NOOOO, LOGAN!!!!” screamed Jean, with tears sprying all over the now blood covered room.


“Jean, you bitch, yo see what you made me done?!?!?!?!?!” scremed Scott in pain and rageness passion and hate against jean.

“I’s so mad you! WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?!” Scoot shooted

“NOOOOO!!!” screamed again Jean going to help Logan.

Them, Scott kicked her shouldr, throwing her at the wall. H picked
a syringe that was in his pocket and injected the strange and unknwon
liquid inside Logan’s veins.

“What is this?!” asked Logan.

“This serum will remove yours power and Jean will be mine again!!!” shouted Scott at the height of his madness.

“Stop Scott, you will kill him!!!! Without his healing powers, he will be dead in two hours!!!”

That… that’s a very specific time frame.

“That’s what I want, but before you die, you will see your little
whore being mine again!!!!!” shouted again a out of his mind Scott.

Scott grabbed Jean and threw her on the blood filled bed. He started to pull his pants of, and teared off Jean’s clothes.

“No Scotte, please!!!!”

“You will see what a man I am!!!!”

He started to push his penis against Jean’s labia, causing her
much pain. Scott thrusted very hard and fast inside Jean’sa and her
screams could be heard from the other side of the street.

So I guess we’re just ignoring Jean Grey is one of the most powerful psychics on the planet? 

“AHHHHHHHHH, it’s hurting Scott, stop, you’r e going to kill me!!!

“That not what you like Jean? I’m being tender with with you, but if you want more, so be it”

Nothing like a bit of sarcasm when you’re raping your ex-wife, am I right? Oh, when I said that this story is as depraved as it is poorly written, well, the depravity starts here. You’ve been warned.

Scott kept moving on and on faster and faster, bruising all of Jean’s
inner uterus. Blood started to spill from it, covering all of Scott’s
pelvic area. He them started to spank her with all of his power. He
used his eye laser on Jean and started to roast her skin. Her skin
started to open an with all the bruise and spanking she was receiving.
Logan could only look with tears in his eyes as his love was being
bruttaly shattered in front of his own eyes.

The, scott took from his pocket a knife, and started to cut off pieces of Jean’s flesh.

Okay. So even if Jean Grey has decided not to use her powers, Scott is currently raping her, shooting his eyebeams at her ass, and skinning Jean Grey alive all at the same time. I really think he’d have serious trouble raping her while multi-tasking like that. ComicsNix, I’M STARTING TO DOUBT THE VERISIMILITUDE OF YOUR EROTIC X-MEN RAPE SNUFF STORY.

“NO, NO, NO….ARGh..NO…STOP!!!!!”

“Be calm Jean, I’m just cleaning you from the sins you commited,
only cutting off flesh that made contact with that pig over there on
the ground!!!”

With his eyes lasers. Scott burned patches of Jean’s skin and cut off
them. He saw all that and got very proud of himself. He started to lick
Jean’s exposed raw flash with much lust and desire. He them put his
fingers inside Jeans exposed flesh on her nipples, and rottated his
fingers, causing Jean much pain andsorrow.

And suddenly the grammar has become the least of ComicsNix’s problems. Also, it appears that Jean’s nipples have suddenly stopped being comfortable.


Scott them introduced both of his hands inside Jean’s womb,
Annihilating her vagina and opening her in half, from the vagina to her


?I felt you needed that.

But them, he felt something. What was that, a fetus came out on
his arms.


?Here, have another.

Scott wasn’t understanting. She wasn’t supposed to be
pregnant, today was the only day Jean and Logan got toghter and made


“What tihs Jen? WHAT’s THIS?”

The brutally injuried Jean tried to talk, but was felling much
pain. She suffered third degree burns and her eyes were bleeding,
filled with pus. Abcesses formed on her internal organs and her arms
was covered with leeches and worms.

I hate — I absolutely hate — than even while reading something so awful, so unspeakably terrible, that I still have enough basic reason and consciousness to wonder where the leeches and worms came from.

“Talk WOMAN!!!” screamed a madness ridden Scott, with the alomst dead baby on his hands.

With much effort, Jean talked. “Scott, this…is…your….son…..”

Scott put his hands on his head. He couldn’t belive what has
happened. He killed his own son, flesh from his flesh, bones form his
bones, blood FROM HIS BLOOD!!!!! Logan, that was hearing and seeing
everything got enraged. Jean had told him he was the first. But she
lied. She already slept with Scott, and was cheating on him all along.
He was weak, but managed to pull himself up.

What a bitch! Now see, she totally deserves getting raped and skinned and torn apart at the vagina.

“Jean, you see what you have done?!?!?” screamed Logan

Jean coudn’t move her lips anymore, they were being eatten by
parasites Scott throwed at her during his slaughtering. Her jaw bones
were completely exposed and nerves were outside of her body, trying to
move a now amputed arm. A pool of Jean’s blood were covering the entire

So. Let me get this straight. Besides all the insanity that Cyclops just wreaked, he came in the room with a bag of maggots and worms, WHICH HE THREW ON JEAN GREY AS HE WAS RAPING AND SKINNING HER? And comics fans call Cyclops boring.

Logan them put his claws out of his wrists and attacked Scott.

“DIE SCOTT!!!!” and them, disemboweled all of his internal organs with one simple cut.

“ARRRGH!!!” screamed Scott, trying to put togeter his bowels
inside his stomach again. Logan them proceded to attack his nemsis one
more time.

“No Lkogan, please, I killed my son, have mercy!!!”

No, Logan, don’t have mercy. It’s cool.

“I have no fucking mercy for a fucking shit like you!!” and them,
with one clear cut form his claws, beheaded Scott’s head from his neck.
It flied all over the room and fell on the blood covered ground. His
head was live for some few seconds, and tried to scream, but couldn’t,
because he had no throath anymore. Blood got out of his eyes, and he
passed out.

Cyclops’ severed head passed out.

“Now Jean its time to pay for your sins” shouted a loud Logan.
Jean could do nothing, only look as Logan started to eat her alive.
Logan was hungry, hungry for love, and he thought the only way he could
rettain his love for Jean was having her inside him. He chomped a half
of her foot, and proceded from there, smashing her foot bones with his
adamantium teeth. The agony was unbearable, but Jean could’nt do
anytihng. Her nose started to bleed too, and his auditory senses faded
out. She was mute, and now deaf. Only his eyes were working, but she
wished they weren’t, becuse she was looking herself being eaten alive
by her greatest love.

Jesus christ, a nosebleed too?! Jean Grey has no luck today.

Logan reached Jean’s sex organ, and stopped. He remembered the
child that has been withdrawn from her womb, and for a moment, he
stopped. What he was doing. Even if the child wasn’t his son, he could
forgive Jean. She had no guilt in what she did. But it was late, he
comdemned his wife to the painful and abhorrent fate of seeing her love
and son being destroied. No, it must end now.

And that, people, is why you don’t eat your loved ones in anger. Because sometimes — not all the time, but sometimes — you eat half of them and discover you can forgive them after all.

Logan them, looking at Jean’s eyes, said:

“Sorry Jean, I didn’t meant to…” and them, punctured her skull
with his blood covered claws, terminating hr agony. It was all over, he
was going to die. Only fifteen minutes from now, and he’ll be dead.
Logan threw himself on the ground, and started to cry, as the
adamantium poisoned his body, and them, he died.

The End.

I want to make a snide comment about how inappropriate Wolverine getting poisoned by adamantium is, but then WE’VE JUST READ ABOUT CYCLOPS TEARING JEAN GREY APART AT THE VAGINA AND WOLVERINE EATING WHAT’S LEFT. So perhaps I can let ComicsNix’ ignorance of Wolverine’s basic features slide. However, what I won’t let slide is EVERYTHING ELSE.

I’ve said it before, but seriously — shit like this negates every good thing the human race has ever accomplished. Cities? Literature? Music? Civilization? Not fucking worth this story. If even one human being is capable of writing this, then I’m all for the total extinction of the human race. Seriously, guys, IT’S NOT WORTH IT. THE COST IS TOO DAMN HIGH.