Improv… on Infinite Earths!

Finally, DC has a crisis… of the funnybone! Hyuk! Look, I know improv is not for everybody. So if you hate it in general, just don’t even bother to watch the above video. Because while this might not be the most hilarious stage comedy you’ve ever seen, I think these guys coast by entirely on the good will created by pitting the Justice League against the Legion of Doom in an improv contest, moderated by the Phantom Stranger (!) and Darkseid, all in some great spandex costumes. The group is from the Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton, Canada, and this was done last year — and it’s way longer than just this video. You can see the other parts (including part 1 with all the introductions; I skipped that since I had a hunch most of you would know who the characters are) over at Geek Orthodox, where I first heard of it. Frankly, I was sold the minute Bizarro screamed “VAGINA,” which I may note is both bizarre and kind of evil, and thus entirely in character.

Also, don’t look too hard at Green Lantern’s crotch, or you may go mad.