Ivan Reitman Directing Ghostbusters, Still, I Think, Maybe

About a jillion of you have sent me the excited news that Ivan Reitman, director of Ghostbusters, will be directing Ghostbusters 3. To which I say: “Huh?” Didn’t we know that already? Hasn’t Reitman been assumed to be the director about 90% of the time that Ghostbusters 3 has been in its development afterlife? According to Cinematical, Reitman just told some reporter he wants to shoot the movie next year during some red carpet shindig at the National Board of Review. Which we definitely knew. Which is just as concrete as Ramis or Aykroyd saying they have a script, or Bill Murray saying there is no script, or Sigorney Weaver saying Bill Murray will be ghost. Which is to say: Maybe possibly. Call me when a contract is signed. Or is there some other reason you all are freaking out about this that I’m missing?

So, in punishment for wasting my time — because I’ve never once wasted yours — you have to watch this video and suffer knowing that you’ll never, ever recover those two minutes.

Makes Prince’s “Bat-Dance” look kind of dignified, doesn’t it?