Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is a Total Loser

Look. I’m not proud of myself for the above article title. However, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is starring in a movie called The Losers, based on the Vertigo comic books by Andy Diggle; this is an Entertainment Tonight preview of the trailer for the movie (I know, sigh). What you’re going to see in the weeks to come is hundreds if not thousands of articles on The Losers movie with titles using the exact same lame joke I just made.

So why’d I do it? One, because it’s early — I haven’t seen this video on other nerd sites, so I’d rather be the first person to make the lame joke rather than the 26th. Two, to get it out of my system. I am powerless to resist a horrible article title and/or pun, so I knew I’d have to use “This Star of The Losers is a Total Loser!” article at least once. I did the same thing with KIck-Ass, calling either a poster or a teaser trailer “kick-ass,” and then swore that I’d never do that title again. Same with The Losers — I swear I will never make this horrible, shitty joke again, and maybe my Losers coverage will have some weird, esoteric article titles, but they won’t have this joke that will be mercilessly overused by, oh, 5pm today. You have my word. Now enjoy the preview of the preview.