Marvel Wants Dames


?Ooh, they wants ’em bad. Since September of last year, the comic publisher has: published Models Inc. which I am reasonably confident is not primarily targeted at male audiences; announced Girl Comics, which will be an anthology of — wait for it — comics by girls for girls; and now, Marvel has announced Her-Oes, which is, according to Comic Books Resources, “a new teen-centric mini
featuring younger versions of some of the biggest superheroines from
their Avengers franchise and the latest in the publisher’s “Women of
Marvel” initiative hitting this April” starring the young Wasp, the young She-Hulk, a young Ms. Marvel, and some other teen superheroines. Her-Oes — which, despite the way it’s spelled, is apparently supposed to be pronounced like “heroes” — will be written by a woman, comedian Grace Randolph.

Look, I’m not trying knock Marvel for trying to attract or appeal to potential female readers. But the names alone of Models Inc., Girl Comics and Her-Oes just reeks of decisions made entirely by a committee of 40-year-old+ men, possibly over cigars and a poker game. It’s hard to feel like Marvel genuinely cares when they’re releasing a comic called “Her-Oes.” I swear to god it sounds like their next title is going to be Agents of V.A.G.I. N. A. Also, every girl in the above art has the exact same face. But at least that’s just like real life.