Someone’s a Big Fat Liar


?If you avoided the Buffy season 8 comics Twilight reveal article the other day, you’d best avoid this article too. Rest assured that the above picture spoils nothing, but if you read the next sentence, you’re screwed.

Whedon haters, this is for you, because there’s not only bullshit, but a lot of upcoming Whedon fan misery. So remember how Dark Horse editor Scott Alie said that he’s been working closely with Dark Horse to make sure Angel’s sudden reveal as Buffy‘s Big Bad Twilight fit in with IDW’s also-in-continuity Angel season 6 comic? Yeah… not so much. Angel comic guru Bill Willingham (who also does the excellent Fables) immediately wrote Robot 6:

I would like to respond to your article of January 8th, titled BEHIND BUFFY’S TWILIGHT REVEAL, and clear up a few points, making clear that I am speaking only for myself, not IDW or Fox.

Five scripts in, and counting, on IDW’s ongoing Angel comic book
series, I am not coordinating, nor have I ever coordinated stories with
Scott Allie, Joss Whedon,
nor anyone else at Dark Horse Comics. No one at IDW has ever instructed
me, or suggested to me, ways in which I might conform my scripts to
what is going on with Dark Horse’s Buffy comics, which I’ve purposely
not read, specifically to avoid being influenced by them. I’ve had
exactly one short conversation, in passing, with Joss Whedon, which
took place years ago and had nothing to do with these matters. To my
knowledge I’ve never had a conversation with Scott Allie, beyond being
introduced to him, at conventions and such, though I doubt even that
much contact has occurred. I have however been told, in no uncertain
terms, that Mr. Whedon is not available for contact concerning anything
to do with the Angel series at IDW, because he is only working with
Dark Horse. So I’m not sure how Scott Allie imagines he and Mr. Whedon
plan to coordinate IDW’s Angel series into their Buffy series, as is
implied in the seventh paragraph of your article.

Uh… uh-oh. Robot 6 contacted Alie, who clarified he was confident “we’re gonna work things out.” Which is totally different from having conceived an executed a plan. Basically, the Angel and Buffy universes — the canon ones, since both these comics are considered canon — are fucked. Whee.