The 12 Coolest Batmobile Toys Ever


?The Batmobile is possibly the greatest fantasy car ever created. It’s as essential to Bat-lore as evil clowns and childhood trauma. It attracts children to it like moths to a really cool light bulb. It’s the vehicle that makes Superman wish he couldn’t fly.

Our point is that the Batmobile is awesome, and always has been. And since Batman has been a perennial action figure favorite practically since the ’60s, it makes sense that toys of his
sweet-ass ride have been around just as long. Virtually every toy company with the rights to make a Batman figure over the years made the Batmobile as well, and several companies skipped Batman entirely, choosing only to make Batman’s traditional mode of transportation — and no one has ever gone bankrupt doing so. Pulling from nearly 50 years of Bat-merchandise of all possible types, here is the winner’s circle when it comes to Batmobile toys.

12) 1989 Batman Movie Batmobile


?In 1989, Bat-mania was so rampant that a toy company could have packaged fake dog turds with a bat logo and seen them fly off the shelves. That’s not too far from what the newly minted Toy Biz corporation did with their ’89 Batman movie toyline, since they cobbled together mostly half-assed figures using old Kenner molds and had more success than they deserved. One of the more winning pieces from the line was the Batmobile, which was based on the movie’s sleek design, had two hidden firing missiles, and was totally new. It was such a welcome sight that it almost made you forgive the wretched gold color scheme of the packaging.

11) Super Fast Accelerator Batmobile


?Azrak Hamway made so many Batman toys during the 1970s that it was hard to keep up. Items like the Accelerator Batmobile were an afternoon of fun any kid could afford. Kids pulled the ripcord and watched the Batmobile speed away, until it ran into a wall, a pet or a sibling.

10) Talking Batmobile

Sure, British kids call trucks “lorries” and their version of Dennis the Menace is a sadistic pre-teen, but they also got tons of cool toys like this wicked talking car from Palitoy. Along with the neat talking feature, it’s got a weird 1970s design that more than makes up for Robin’s poorly obscured cockney accent.

9) Street Jet Batmobile


?Kenner made a lot of fun (and forgettable) versions of the Batmobile during their memorable reign with the license, but this Animated Series Street Jet was completely inspired. Place an admittedly oddly dressed Bruce Wayne (maybe he’s going skiing?) and with a click, he’s the Dark Knight in a mini-Batmobile and ready for action. How such a useful vehicle hasn’t shown up in the comics and cartoons by now is beyond us.

8) Batmobile with Exploding Bridge

Mego was truly the king of action figures in the 1970s, and their 8-inch smiling representations of the dynamic duo were a large part of the reason why. But this vehicle set from Mego’s Comic Action Heroes line was really a blast (pun only partially intended). While the squatting figures look like cavepeople compared to action figures today, the whole point of this set is to blow up the bridge with the Dynamic Duo on it. Sadly, a toy like this isn’t likely going to reissued any time soon.

7) Batmobile Pedal Car


?While toy vehicles are fine, there is a special void in children that can only filled by kid-sized Big Wheels and other assorted riding toys. A “real” Batmobile — even one made of plastic — beats the hell out a cardboard box and “imagination” (whatever that is). With the help of a steep hill, any kid could have high speed chases on the streets of Gotham. One word of caution, however — while the body is purely Wayne Tech, the brakes are by Flintstone; a hard lesson many of us (and our feet) would learn.

6) Lego Batmobile


?Adding Lego in front of almost anything makes it better (except for things like “sandwich”) and the Dark Knight’s wheels are no exception. The Batmobile appeared in a few forms for Lego, but there was none cooler than this deluxe 1,000 piece ultimate collector’s edition. You’ll feel a little like Lucius Fox as you assemble this rolling arsenal from the ground up.

5) Batman Gotham City Chase


?Perhaps one of the most logical toys on the list, Tyco’s Batman racetrack where he pursues his mortal enemy is something that needs little to no explanation. Plus, this set is from the animated series, which is never a bad thing.

4) Remote Control Batmobile


?The previously mentioned Azrak Hamway company was known mostly for creating fun, inexpensive items you’d demand at the drug store while your mother was picking up some of her “little helpers.” This Remote Control Batmobile was a step up in terms of quality from their standard fair, an honest to goodness fun R/C car at a “don’t have to wait until Christmas” price.

3) Batman: Brave and the Bold Transforming Batmobile

Love or hate it, Batman: Brave and the Bold is one tripped out flashback to the silver age. The toyline and its transforming Batmobile is no exception, with its Bill Finger-inspired design and its sweet function of transforming into a bat jet. This thing is so cool it makes us jealous we’re not seven.

2) Super Powers Batmobile

Kenner’s Super Powers toyline was definitely a benchmark of toy awesomeness in the ’80s. Kenner ‘s sleekly designed Batmobile was one of the line’s best toys, with a battering ram and a rear bumper that doubled as handcuffs. In this Batmobile, the Caped Crusader never needed any help from the Justice League.

1) Corgi Batmobile


?This awesome die-cast replica of the TV series Batmobile was sold for nearly 20 years and was so prevalent in schoolyards of the ’70s that you’d swear that it was government issued to kids. Along with the great little figures of Adam West and Burt Ward (which are sadly, the closest things we may ever get to real figures of them) this little car packed a wallop with important things like firing rockets and a blade that came out the front.