The Venture Bros. Are Getting Toys (Finally)


?FUCK AND YES. From Entertainment Earth’s blog:

We’ve been holding out breath over here, but we finally get to tell!

BifBangPow has announced it’ll be making Venture Bros. action figures and bobbleheads.

Details are still forthcoming, but watch this space for more as we know!

Okay. Bif Bang Pow has done the Dexter and Lost figures and bobbleheads so far. Their bobbleheads are fine, I’m just not a bobblehead fan. They figures have been serviceable — a bit light on articulation, and the sculpts are what you’d expect from a young, smaller toy company. However! It’s generally much easier to sculpt cartoon characters than real people, so I’m certain these will be an improvement over Bif Bang Pow’s previous efforts. Plus, holy shit, Venture Brothers toys. I’m willing to grade on a curve just to get a Brock Sampson figure in my grubby monkey paws.