TR Contest: Nerd Law


?Earlier this week I jokingly mentioned that I had to post all Slave Leia-related news and merchandise that crossed my desk at TR because of nerd law. Commenter TemporalSword, who is clearly smarter than me, noticed that this would be a swell idea for a TR contest — keen, even. So here we are: name your nerd law.

This can obviously be something every nerd should have to do, or something they should never do — but we should probably include the punishment then, shouldn’t we? Let me knock off two laws right off the bat so I don’t get endless variations on them:

? All nerd parents and guardians must have their children see the original Star Wars trilogy by the age of 10. I’m sure Trek fans will disagree with me, but I think Star Wars is more integral to overall nerd experience, at least in the first decade of nerd life.
? Obviously, anyone writing or drawing anything of a sexual nature involving characters under the age of 12 should be shot into the sun. Now, I know in real life this is a massive First Amendment issue, but I don’t have any desire for us to actually argue about it here. I really just want to hurt Fuzzy-Lover as much as he hurt all of us. Also, if you write about character in diapers, you get a beating before you’re put on the spaceship that’s shot into the sun.

Now it’s your turn. One law per person per entry, and I’ll figure out how I want to judge the winners — chances are I’ll take one good idea and one hilarious idea. The contest ends at 12:01am on Monday, January 25th. And remember: Ape shall never kill ape!