What the What

I don’t know that Smallville has many rules, but if there’s one, it’s that Clark is not allowed to wear the traditional Superman uniform, This made sense when the show was about Clark Kent growing up and discovering his powers and his heritage in Smallville; of course, now the show is about Clark saving people in Metropolis while wearing a Matrix Halloween costume from K-Mart circa 2000. You’d think that the Smallville guys would ease up on this “rule,” but no. They’ve stuck to it hard and fast. CLARK KENT CANNOT WEAR THE SUPERMAN SUIT, PERIOD.

However, apparently Lois Lane can dress up like Wonder Woman.


?What. The fuck. From Buddy TV:

Anyway, the episode “Warrior” introduces a charmed comic book, which
transforms a young man named Stephen (guest star Carlo Marks) into a
superhero.  We won’t give much away, but somehow this causes Lois to
dress up as the iconic Wonder Woman.

I repeat: What. The fuck. How is this fair? Does Wonder Woman even exist in the Smallville universe? Why on god’s green earth is Lois wearing this outfit, and just as importantly, why? Also: A magic comic book? Jesus.