A TR Address to Both Lost Fans and Lost Haters

First, Lost fans. Our long wait is over and the final season begins tonight (you may have heard). I’m excited as hell, so for one last hurrah here’s the “Lost answers Song.”

Although a nerdy novelty song, it does work as a shockingly accurate checklist of everything I want answered from the show, if only for proof that these writers knew more about where they were going than the BSG writers. At any rate, this is a great day for nerds — don’t let anyone bring you down.

Now, Lost haters — come on. Even if you don’t like Lost, it’s the biggest fucking nerd show on TV. Am I not supposed to cover it? I loathe Heroes, but sometimes there’s it has news. Should I not cover it? Of course not. You guys need to chill. That said, now that the premiere is finally here, I don’t think there’ll be much news/nerd media regarding Lost until the finale — but yes, I’m going to cover it again then.  Still, I want to offer an olive branch — you obviously don’t care about me ending the day with a Lost song, so you may enjoy this instead.

See? I wasn’t joking. There’s a wacky, zany, kooky nerd video for everybody. So remember: when life gives you Predators, you don’t go around telling Predators they suck on internet comment threads. You make a fucking trap and drop a massive spiked log into the fucker. Metaphorically speaking, of course.