Crisis in Superman’s Stupid Head

It’s yet another clip from Crisis on Two Earths — specifically the beginning of the fight scene we saw another part of a few weeks ago — and man, it’s not doing Superman any favors. Maybe you could excuse him just standing there while Superwoman tackles good Lex Luthor right next to him. Getting decked after grabbing Superwoman’s arm — what the hell did he think she was gonna do? — is pretty pitiful. But the worst, most shameful moment is when Superman gets knocked down by some kid who pulled a fucking pop n’ lock after shooting him with energy or something. I doubt it hurt Supes, at least physically, but the mental anguish must be enormous. Seriously, if was Superman and was hit by this jackass, I’d be so ashamed I’d leave the fight and fly to the Fortress of Solitude to cry for at least a week.