I Think Ma Mystique’s in for an Ass-Whuppin’

Because really, “agility” probably wouldn’t be the deciding factor in a fight between Magneto, Mystique and Doctor Octopus. This commercial comes to us from the UK newspaper Daily Record, which is giving away free “Top Trumps” cards for the next few weeks; you’ll be shocked to know I did the minimum amount of research and discovered “Top Trumps” is just war, but  nerdier — you name your attribute, put down your card and if you have the highest number in that stat, you win. It sounds horrible. Look, most 5-year-olds can figure out the complexities of Yu-Gi-Oh, meaning this is for… slow 3-year-olds? Barnyard animals? Jeph Loeb? I dunno. Thanks to whoever sent this to me (you forgot to send your name!).