I Think Smallville Is Just Mocking Superman Fans Now

Look. We’re all aware of Smallville‘s eternal “No tights, no flights” rule that prevent the what’s-his-name who plays Clark from becoming Superman. We all know this made tons of sense in the beginning, when the show was actually set in Smallville, had no other heroes, and was about a young Clark Kent. Likewise, we all know the show has been trotting out plenty of other costumed heroes, including recently Dr. Fate and Hawkman, which would seem to be contradictory with Smallville’s “no tights” mission statement.


?So you might say Smallville is having a bit of a chuckle with comic book fans in general, and Superman fans in specific. That is, until last week’s episode, which featured a “cursed” comic book, which turned some schmoe into a costumed superhero called “The Warrior Angel,” shown above, and Clark had to stop him because the comic said he was going to turn into a villains named, and I swear to god this is 100% accurate to the best of my knowledge… “Devilcus.”

So sorry, Superman fans. No cape for you. But please, enjoy this generic costumed hero from some kind of superhero clip art program from 1994 instead. I’m sure that’ll make up for it.

On the other hand, not only does Lois Lane dress as a stormtrooper in this episode, she puts on a faux-Xena Warrior Princess costume too (near the end of the vid). So the producers care about gratifying their nerd audience in at least one aspect.