Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock Are Going to Make an SDCC Documentary

Sorry for the lack of a joke in the title, but this news is weird enough that I figured I’d better just say it. It’s true, Joss Whedon — my theorized blowjob paramour, despite me not owning any of his shows or movies on DVD — and Morgan Spurlock, the guy who did Supersize Me, are going to make a documentary about a group of “superfans” who will be attending San Diego Comic Con. I’m actually kind of glad, because I feel if anyone if going to make a nerdy documentary on nerds attending nerd mecca that won’t be insultingly superior or make us all seem like society’s lunatic dregs, it’d be these guys. Of course, there’s no guarantee they won’t make us all look like fools, but at least there’s a shot. Since more mainstream coverage of cons ends up like that CSI episode above, this would be a welcome change. (Via Robot 6)