Leaked Sonic 4 Footage Sure Does Look Sonic-y

From adorably excitable TR commenter SpiderHyphenMan comes the first known footage of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for WiiWare, PSN and Xbox Live. It… uh… it looks like classic Sonic, all right; it’s in that 2.5-D that suited games like Klonoa so well, and looks just like the first stage of Sonics 1-3. Now, I don’t begrudge any Sonic fan this game after decades of crap, but am I the only one the preferred the actual 3-D racing from Sonic Adventure over the classic games? I mean, I always preferred to see more than 20 feet ahead of me when controlling a hedgehog going 80mph. It was always the shit other than the racing in those games that I thought sucked.