NY Toy Fair ’10 Masters of the Universe Trifecta

I’ve already been called out for being a grump regarding Mattel’s new, SDCC-announced Masters of the Universe Classics, so let me just try and lay out the facts without any commentary, because even I know I’m being a grump.


?? Upcoming regular figures announced include She-Ra (above, obviously, and dead-on to the original cartoon), Whiplash with crappy original head and 2002-style head, Count Marzo (who’s never had a figure before), and Keldor, who, since he’s just Skeletor back when he had a face, is probably a variant (or at least I hope he is).


?? Interestingly, Mattel has decided to make the giants Tytus and Gy-gor, who were huge ’80s figures but were only released in Italy. These things will be 12-inches each and sold like Battle Cat, i.e. once a quarter. Gy-Gor is very clearly Gorilla Grodd, but it’s still a giant yellow monkey wearing armor, so it remains awesome.


?? Mattel’s MOTUC SDCC exclusive: Skeletor and Mo-Larr, the dentist from that one Robot Chicken sketch from like four years ago. Yes, the Skeletor figure is missing a tooth. This absolutely blows my fucking mind, although I have zero intention of purchasing it. All pics are from ToyNewsI, which has more of the other figures if you’re interested.