One Ticket to Zur En Arrh, Please

Last Friday, there was supposed to be a new episode of the wonderful Batman: the Brave and the Bold cartoon. It did not air, although I’m not sure why. I do know that it was going to have Batman traveling to Planet X, where he was going to meet the Super-Batman of Zur En Arrh (i.e., more like the goofy ’50s character, and less like the totally fucking insane back-up psyche Batman implanted in himself just in case, because he’s fucking Batman). I was disappointed enough that it wasn’t on.

Then I watched this preview clip for the episode and realized who’s voicing the Batman of Zur En Arrh, and now I’m crushed. Cartoon Network says it might be March before it airs. Listen up, CN — you air this episode as soon as humanly possible, for the love of all that is good and Batman-ish on this earth.