?There’s going to be a Batman: Brave and the Bold videogame, and I happen to agree with Aquaman’s assessment. Unfortunately, it’s only going to have Batman, Robin, Green Lantern and Blue Beetle as playable characters (Aquaman and the other will be making guest appearances in some way, assumably), and it’ll only be for the Wii and the DS. I cry gyp on both counts, but I still greatly approve of a B&tB videogame in principle, anyways. Maybe guys like Aquaman and Green Arrow will be unlockable, and maybe the game will come to Xbox Live and PSN kind of like that TMNT Smash Bros. game from a little while ago.

One last question: I haven’t seen all the B&tB episodes, but has Hal Jordan ever appeared? It’s almost always Guy Gardner, right? Does this mean we’re about to get a Batman videogame where Green Lantern is a playable Guy fucking Gardner? If so, the game could come with the above problems and a punch to the cock and I’d still buy one. (Via IGN)