Petty Annoyances of the Titans

There’s another Clash of the Titans trailer, and this time it has both a few meager story details and a bitchin’ guitar solo. Look, I’m not exactly trying to be optimistic about this film, but I will try to stop from spewing my normal bile and hate and scorn upon it, so let me just point out a few things.

? I had no idea that Ralph Fiennes was in this movie as Hades until this
video, although it took me a little while to realize this. That’s because he
looks exactly like Liam Neeson’s Zeus, except in dark full-body
armor, which of course the ancient Greek gods wore.
? It always annoys me when Hades is the villain in these movies. Just because he rules the underworld doesn’t mean he was evil. Sigh.
? I thought for one brief, wonderful moment that the trailer was just going to say “DAMN,” as if totally enraptured with its own badassedness.
? Sam Worthington’s Perseus is from one of the small Mediterranean islands of the coast of Greece. That island is called Australia, apparently. (Via IGN)