Star Wars + ’70s Japan + Sea Chicken – All Semblance of Sanity = This

There is nothing Star Wars-related that is more mind-shatteringly awful and soul-torturingly insane as the Star Wars Holiday Special. It is not so bad it’s good; it’s so bad that you almost wish Star Wars had never been made. I remind you of these facts because this video is a close second to the horrors of the SWHS.

It’s a Japanese commercial from 1978, back when Japan gave exactly zero shit about international copyright laws. It’s for Hagoromo Foods’ “sea chicken,” which is canned tuna. It is 30 seconds of some of the most absolutely fucking terrifying shit I’ve ever seen. If the song and the horrifying voices don’t break you, the Chewbacca jump will. I swear to god I am never eating tuna again. (Via CNNGo)