The Empire Adds Shogun Stormtroopers to Its Forces


You guys know Super7? Lovers of vinyl and classic toys, put out a fun magazine, kind of hip despite their massive nerdiness? Well, they’ve finally teamed up with Lucas to make the Super Shogun Stormtrooper, a Stormtrooper version of the classic Shogun Warriors of the ’70s. This bad boy stands 24-inches tall, is actually made of the same materials and with the same techniques as the original toys, and it has wheels in its feet, too, like the originals. Super 7 hasn’t announced how many will be available — I doubt it’ll be that many, since the price is $300. What? Seems high? What if I told you it could do this?


?Yep. A Stormtrooper with a Rocket-Fist. When he’s available for pre-order, it’ll be here.