This Zelda Rap Is a Trap, Right?

I can’t imagine this Legend of Zelda rap by the defunct rap duo of Duane and BrandO is new. Okay, I know the song is not new, since they say it was made in 2007 even before their lengthy Legend of Zelda 2 rap I posted earlier this month. But why is it just now getting posted on YouTube by the official D&B YouTube account? Why are are nerd sites treating it as new? Should I not post it, and risk you guys having not seen it? Or should I post it, and risk more ridicule for not knowing the most popular nerd videos from before 2008? Obviously, I’ve already made my choice, because I’m a sucker for nerdy rap, even though this is hardly Duane and Brand)’s finest. Really, once Link talked about turning Zelda’s Triforce upside-down, I really had no choice in the matter.