TR Contest: Most Feared Headlines


?Gotta admit, it didn’t take me too long to think this week’s contest up after last week’s. Sure, I’m probably in for a nightmare amount of great entries to judge, but about the only thing that nerds do better than longing for non-existent things is pre-hating and pre-fearing other non-existent things they don’t like. Let me start you off with a few of my personal nightmares:

? Michael Bay to Direct Live-Action Masters of the Universe Movie
? Comedy Central Backs Out of Futurama Deal
? George Lucas Develops Technology to Destroy Every Single Copy — VHS Tape, DVD or Film — of Non-Special Edition Original Star Wars Trilogy… and Uses It

And here’s one you should all be fearing seeing up on TR, but apparently don’t have the sense to:

? Fan Fiction Friday: The Other Story

Oh well. One headline per person — seriously, just one, or you can’t win (you can still get an Honorable Mention, though) — and the contest ends on Monday the 22nd at 12:01 am EST. Stay warm, and if you happen to find yourself in an all-rubber superhero costume this weekend, try not to lounge around touching yourself in it… or if you do, please, for god’s sake, don’t film it.