Upper Deck Made Bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh Cards


?My mind is blown. If yours isn’t, let me see if I can explain this to you.

? When the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG first came to America, it was Upper Deck who made the cards. They had the license for six years.
? Upper Deck has been a respected and popular trading card company for
20 years, making all manner of professional sports cards, and TCGs like
the Marvel Vs. system and the World of Warcraft card game.
? In 2008, Konami — the owners of the Yu-Gi-Oh game, who gave the license to Upper Deck — found some bootleg Yu-Gi-Oh cards distributed by a company called Vintage Sports Cards.
? Vintage Sports Cards said they got the counterfeit cards from Upper Deck.

Last week, a court found Upper Deck liable for counterfeiting and trademark infringement, which means UPPER DECK WAS SELLING BOOTLEG YU-GI-OH CARDS. WHEN THEY WERE THE ONES MAKING THE LEGAL YU-GI-OH CARDS. Is that not the craziest shit you’ve ever heard? Who would do that? Honestly, the only sellers of anything I can think of are drug dealer, who cut in flour with cocaine and nonsense like that. Hasbo doesn’t make those crazy Spader-Man bootlegs you see in shady mall kiosks, because… well… it doesn’t make any sense. At any rate, nowadays Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are made directly by Konami, and Upper Deck and Konami just settled out of court, with Upper Deck agreeing to pay an undisclosed sum to Konami. Let that be a lesson to all you people who… uh… decide to produce illegal versions of things you can make legally. Or something. (Via Anime News Network)