Apparently Star Wars Isn’t Done Making Boba Fett Suck


?USA Today (yes, really, although I’m not sure why) reports that Boba Fett will be making a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of Clone Wars. Let me point out this key quote in the article from Clone Wars director Dave Filoni:

“What makes Boba Fett interesting is the mystery,” Filoni says.

Well, that’s actually true. But that doesn’t exactly explain why Lucas needlessly inserted him into Attack of the Clones and revealed him both as a lame little kid and as a creepy pet clone of a man named Jango. Or why he’s about to shoehorned into Clone Wars as a surly 13-year-old who looks like he’s about to tell Obi-Wan to “eat his shorts.” This’ll really help maintain the mystery, guys. Good call.